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WELCOME to F-Grade Comic's, a web comic site that puts it's odd, strange and sometimes offensive take on the world and the universe around it.  Created by our lord and mighty zombie overload, John Fouche, and written by the stories you try not to think are true.  So please, sit back relax and take sometime to ponder through our sites, click on things, push your feet up against the screen and lick our logo, or send us an email.  So with a hot coffee in hand, we shall make haste.
Follow the misadventures of the D-TOC crew as they try and just get through another day. Join Med Ramsy, K Tall and the rest of the medics in their somewhat disturbed, based on true stories comics Political correctness got you down?  Get ready and take aim in a comic that will massacre political correctness.  Prepare to be offended world.
Listen up, we're only saying this once.

We have to advise that the comics shown on this website may contain adult material and is not recommended to be viewed by minors.

In saying that though, there are a hell of a lot of other sites on the internet that minors should not be viewing either, so hey, if you let your children view those kinds of sites then there is nothing wrong with ours.

This is your final warning before proceeding to the comics... If you have an issue with a little bit of foul language every now and again we recommend that you do NOT continue.  If you do continue and have a complaint, please feel free to tell someone who cares.

This site is best viewed with a cigarette and hot coffee... mmmm coffee...
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